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These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding penetration tests. We asked one of our threat and vulnerability specialists to help provide you answers in the videos below.

What is penetration testing? Alagen’s threat and vulnerability specialist Dominic Clark explains that a penetration test, also known as a pen test or ethical hacking, is when a cybersecurity expert attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. Think of penetration testing like a cyberattack simulation. The purpose is to identify weak spots in a system’s defenses which attackers could exploit.

Dominic Clark, threat and vulnerability specialist at Alagen, explains that ethical hacking, colloquially known as penetration testing and white hat hacking, is when someone legally breaks into computers and other devices to test an organization’s defenses.

We’ve all heard of pen testing, but when it should be performed is a common topic of debate. Threat and vulnerability specialist Dominic Clark explains that every business is different, but it’s best practice to perform penetration tests regularly.

Expert penetration tester Dominic Clark shares why he thinks penetration testing is such an engaging way to make a living. Dominic has always been passionate about breaking and entering into computer systems, even from a young age, and highly recommends the career to others.

How is penetration testing performed? According to Alagen penetration tester Dominic Clark, it varies. Every engagement presents challenges and opportunities that help define the tools used and the approaches taken. Dominic describes sample scenarios to help illustrate this point.

Penetration testing is a good way to assess vulnerabilities in your environment. This approach goes deeper than a vulnerability assessment and delivers greater detail. Alagen threat and vulnerability specialist Dominic Clark explains the value in this short video.

The Alagen Approach to Penetration Testing

Alagen has helped organizations of all sizes identify security vulnerabilities, enabling them to fix any issues that may introduce a potential attack vector. Our experienced penetration testing team strategically applies the latest tools and approaches to go beyond the low-hanging fruit that would be identified by a vulnerability assessment. Before every engagement, our team works with you to align on sensitivities to operation disruption, applying desired force against your target to produce results that matter in a timely fashion. We confirm what’s working and identify weaknesses that need to be addressed. We care about the security of your valuable assets, period. We provide clear and actionable recommendations that can help you harden your environment. And we know that when we apply our experience and ethical hacking expertise to that end, compliance follows.

Alagen Cybersecurity Solutions

Alagen is a 100% security services firm with consultants nationwide. A comprehensive partner across the full security lifecycle, Alagen assists with strategic advisory (including CISO as a service), threat + vulnerability management, architecture + integration, and managed services. Unlike many consultants, Alagen is not a reseller. Instead, Alagen pairs deep expertise with a customer-oriented approach that finds the solutions that best address the unique security challenges of each client.

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