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ALAGEN WAS FOUNDED IN 2010 in response to the rapid evolution of cyber threats and the shortage of experienced resources qualified to keep businesses secure. We began with the simple premise that accepting incentives to sell security products would create a product-centric focus which could easily impact our judgment. Instead, we’ve built a cybersecurity services business driven by relationships, outcomes and a 100% security consulting focus: We truly commit to understanding each client’s business, infrastructure and threat landscape in order to assess, enhance and optimize their security posture. Our efforts have led to not just the security, but the prosperity of our clients, who can focus more on their core business knowing that their network security needs are in good hands.

Leadership Team

Gregg Davis



Entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Gregg founded Alagen following a robust history in professional services as a technical expert architecting, implementing and securing complex global networks. An inspired leader, he relishes arming organizations with the necessary expertise and cybersecurity services they lack, as well as helping grow his highly-talented team of exceptional professionals. He is passionate about supporting others in their quest for personal and professional excellence. When free from his conference calls, Gregg enjoys spending time with his family, practicing yoga, and exploring the picturesque, desert trails of his native Phoenix.

Mike Burg


Vice President, Consulting Operations

A seasoned security leader, Mike partners the Alagen security consulting team with clients to create tailored solutions to complex problems and address their ever-changing threat landscapes. Applying over 20 years of security experience, he has served as acting CISO across several industries including medical, financial, and transportation. Mike has been responsible for setting / optimizing strategic security goals and strategies, alignment with business objectives, and the development / optimization / execution of security roadmaps. He is also a contributing author to “IT Security Metrics: A Practical Framework for Measuring Security & Protecting Data.” Based in Southern California, the avid musician’s office includes a drum kit and several other instruments he loves to play.


Engineering Director

Philip James, CCIE (#19950, Security) is Alagen’s Engineering Director. A gifted, veteran Network Security Architect, Philip has spent nearly 20 years designing and leading complex internetworking and security projects for global companies, and consulting with Fortune 500 companies on how to address their security challenges and risk management issues. He has extensive experience securing networking technologies including data center, campus, virtualization, wireless, and endpoint security. Philip’s other job is coaching his kids’ soccer and lacrosse teams where he lives with his family in Maine. A living kidney donor, he is also an advocate for organ donation.

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