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The purest approach to security advisory.

Misunderstanding risk is the greatest risk of all. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance experts are ready to provide you the security leadership to identify, measure, and manage security risk. Rely on Alagen’s executive-level assistance to assess your threat landscape without bias: Where other security consultants may be clouded by the need to sell a particular product, Alagen looks first to your security foundations and builds up, resulting in security strategy and solutions that better fit the security needs of your business.

CISO as a Service

Constant technological advances combined with growing pains can make security risk management a challenge for any company. Leadership and knowledge gaps along with resource constraints can lead to security programs out of alignment with your business. Thankfully, Alagen is here to provide experienced Information Security leadership embedded within your management team to maintain a stable, strong security posture aligned with the needs of your business. Our CISO advisory services will build and manage your program, creating effective coalitions at the board-level so that your organization’s security program is fully aligned around the right policies and standards. 

Security Program Assessments

Your security can’t afford protracted delivery timelines exacerbated by resource constraints and knowledge gaps. Let Alagen help you meet your timelines and budgets with targeted engagements to assess, enhance or rebuild your information security program. With our focus on framework-based gap analysis and risk assessment, we’ll devise the right approach. 

Compliance Services

Governance, risk, and compliance challenges will only grow as threats to data evolve. The struggle to simply understand new obligations, let alone dedicate resources for continual audits and necessary security implementation, will put many businesses in a constant state of catch-up. Alagen can make sense of your needs with targeted engagements to analyze regulatory compliance obligations, followed by actionable, business-appropriate strategies to achieve compliance. Whatever your needs—PCI, HITRUST, HIPAA or ISO 27001—our experts are ALWAYS up to speed, and ready to help. 

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