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Compliance encourages security but does not guarantee it. We’ve seen many security controls meet compliance only to fall short through underwhelming implementation. Could you also be compliant, yet vulnerable? Let our security vulnerability assessments help you identify and validate potential vulnerabilities and fortify your defenses: We assess network security, applications, servers, desktops and security devices to not only identify vulnerabilities but also provide a business-aligned analysis of their potential impact. With this information, we deliver a prioritization of these risks by the greatest urgency to remediate.

Security Posture Assessment

Vulnerability comes in many forms. With a single human error, your security infrastructure may offer a weakness for hackers to exploit. Testing for these weaknesses is critical, requiring a skillfully executed assessment. You need Alagen: Our targeted assessments will be as exhaustive and relentless as the best hackers in the world to give you a true gauge of your security posture. Pentests, vulnerability assessments, application security assessments and wireless security assessments can all yield important information. We’ll not only identify vulnerabilities from configuration, patch or architectural deficiencies, but also determine threats with the greatest impact in order to prioritize your remediation strategy from a business risk perspective.

Social Engineering Assessment

Could lack of training make your own personnel a security risk? Let Alagen assess your physical security controls and your staff’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to inappropriate or unauthorized facility access attempts. We’ll assess the placement and implementation of your physical security controls, your facility’s surveillance, and your guard service in order to identify and deter potential personnel safety risks, asset theft risks and tampering risks. 

Security vulnerability assessments show your true security posture. Learn More.
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