Information Cybersecurity Consulting Expert

If you don't want your cybersecurity compromised, why compromise?

WE WERE FOUNDED ON THE INSIGHT that a compromised focus can lead to compromised security. Where most cybersecurity consultants are employed by value-added resellers motivated to move particular products, Alagen provides an unbiased approach, free to choose the best solutions to address the unique information security challenges of our clients. The result? A more pure security aligned to the needs of your organization.

Advisory Services
Let's develop a business-aligned
security plan with CISO clarity.
Architecture + Integration
Architecture +
We'll build security to work seamlessly
with your existing infrastructure.
Threat + Vulnerability Assessments
Threat + Vulnerability
We'll test your posture for
security and compliance.
Managed Security Services
Security Services
Threats evolve. Together,
we'll keep ahead of them.
“Working with Alagen has greatly improved our security posture. Their approach was focused on us, not a particular cyber security solution. Their recommendations were spot-on and their partnership in reconfiguring our systems and processes elevated not only our information security, but also our team.”
Chris Armstrong, CISO

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