Security Monitoring

What is Managed Security Monitoring?

Security monitoring is the collection, review and analysis of security event data to identify cyber attacks. This essential business service is necessary for effective incident response. If you don’t know of an issue, how can you address it? Security monitoring enables the ongoing identification of prevention, detection, and response control gaps. It also fully operationalizes security technologies to maximize return on investment.

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring as a programmatic business service is a mandatory precursor to effective incident response and a baseline requirement for most regulatory, industry, and customer compliance frameworks.

Despite its importance, most organizations need help with this highly specialized operation. Dedicated people, organizational focus, and properly tuned and aligned technology are all necessary. As a result, mature and tailored operations are unavailable to many organizations. Often, organizations find a managed services provider to assist. Unfortunately, many choose one-size-fits-all managed services which provide only the most basic levels of operational support.

Alagen's Managed Security Monitoring Service

Gain access to leading Security Operation Center (SOC) services. Enable 24 x 7 security monitoring with the security, flexibility, and customizability of a SIEM solution that is purpose built to meet your individual security needs. This managed security monitoring service is operationalized around a dedicated SIEM that is architected, implemented, tuned, and managed according to the demands of your unique environment. This customized monitoring experience, gives you focused visibility and lays the foundation for swifter incident response.

As important as the technology is the people monitoring it. Backed by decades of enterprise security experience, our team of analysts works 24 x 7, proactively collecting, monitoring, and analyzing your security event data. We raise awareness of events per your desires, minimizing unwanted distractions and providing clear findings when security events are elevated. Your time isn’t wasted assessing false alarms. And you don’t miss important ones due to alarm fatigue. 

Why hire a Managed Security Monitoring Services partner?

Simply put, performance and efficiency. You can improve your capabilities at a fraction of the cost. You quickly and easily add experienced security monitoring experts to your team and acquire a true focus on managed detection and response.

Avoid the trap of trying to tackle security monitoring making it someone’s secondary responsibility. It doesn’t work. It results in spotty, best-effort coverage and almost always makes security monitoring program growth impossible. Effective security monitoring requires dedicated and trained people. As with many cyber security skill sets, staffing challenges are for real. Hiring, onboarding, training, and retention issues can all drain resources and render your program short on needed capabilities. A partner dedicated to security monitoring will more readily attract, train, and retain employees with the necessary skillsets.

A managed security services partner can deliver specialized, experience-driven efforts. One like Alagen, which is backed by broader security service experts, further improves the quality of the program and event analysis.

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