CISO as a Service

What is CISO as a Service?

Organizations need an experienced security leader to drive critical initiatives and align activities to address pressing business needs. Unfortunately, proven CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) are both rare and highly sought, making hiring and retaining a quality, full-time CISO a daunting challenge.

CISO as a Service, sometimes called vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer), is an alternative security program leadership strategy that leverages a flexible resourcing model to achieve your program goals. For organizations struggling with the realities of cost, limited local talent pool, and the need for broad expertise, CISO as a Service is a practical solution to achieve short- and long-term program objectives.

CISO as a Service

CISO as a Service embeds seasoned cyber security consultants within the environment to help lead initiatives and assist with program development, maturation, and management.

Our leaders apply expertise wherever it is needed. They leverage combined experience to deliver key security program competencies and help achieve organizational goals. They manage cybersecurity risk, lead incident response efforts, identify exposures and prioritize activities to continually optimize the security program and align it with business needs. Our virtual security officers manage and mature security programs.

Common focus areas include:

  • Program development and management
  • Board-level coalition building
  • Policy and standards development
  • Maturation of various programs:
    • Compliance
    • Governance
    • Security awareness
    • Security metrics
    • Goals

CISO as a Service Cost

One of the key benefits of this approach is that you only pay for the security leadership you need. This fractional service scales up or down to meet the scope and pace necessary to achieve your unique security goals. A smart value play, it puts a virtual information security officer in place, driving improvements to security posture and having them at-the-ready should an urgent need arise. CISO as a Service gives you the expertise and leadership of a high-caliber CISO at a fraction of direct-hire cost.


Learn how a regional hospital improved risk management, incident response, and vulnerability identification and prioritization with CISO as a Service.

Wingman to a Security Leader

CISO advisory services are also available to support or up-level the existing CISO or other security leadership. Whether filling an experience gap, assisting with bandwidth, or serving as a hands-on mentor, our leaders demonstrably improve the security program — simultaneously helping to up-level leadership team around them.

When do you need a CISO?

From increasing threats to more sophisticated attacks to new compliance requirements, demands on security leadership continue to grow. The time for security leadership to be a tacked-on responsibility and not be someone’s clear priority has pretty much passed for small- to mid-sized businesses. There’s too much at stake from a business continuity and brand reputation perspective to not have someone experienced driving efforts to prevent and minimize potential damage.

That said, the decision to hire a CISO usually follows a compelling event. Some change in the environment makes the need clear.

CISO Timing Graphic

Mike Burg, VP of Delivery Services, goes to greater detail in this webinar, “When Are You Ready for a CISO?”

Next Steps

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