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As threats evolve, who better to help you manage them than a proven security partner you know you can trust? We’re available and positioned to keep the systems we’ve assessed, tested or implemented running smoothly: Our managed security services function as an extension of your security staff, helping you to monitor for threats and develop ongoing solutions to your evolving security challenges.

Managed Security Monitoring

Would your security operations benefit from ongoing, skilled support? Our team can strengthen your efforts with collection, monitoring, and expert analysis of security event data to enable both quick identification and swift response. Plus, we can assist with full lifecycle management of your underlying monitoring platform, proactively tuning and testing rules for optimal performance. Whether struggling to retain skilled security monitoring staff, combatting the expense of a security operations center, not detecting threats due to visibility shortcomings, or failing to maximize your SIEM investments, we’re here to help. 

Security Infrastructure Management

Keeping your security infrastructure healthy is critical to maintaining a strong security posture. That’s why we offer security infrastructure monitoring and management. Our team will provide ongoing, proactive device management consultation so your security infrastructure remains properly maintained and secure. As part of your team, we help achieve your compliance monitoring goals. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Just as unknown vulnerabilities can lead to major problems, so can those that have been identified but not properly remediated. We partner with you to make sure potential weaknesses have been addressed to desired satisfaction. Our vulnerability management includes ongoing scanning, consultative analysis and active reporting of security vulnerabilities and remediation progress. From setup, operation and management of vulnerability discovery and analysis tools to vulnerability monitoring to implementation guidance and project support, we’ll stay committed to improving your security posture. 

Red Team as a Service

Security penetration testing identifies weak configurations that can leave you exposed. This targeted assessment and tuning of device configuration considers the business need and security best practices to deliver the highest security and performance. Utilizing red team testing, we’ll identify, prioritize, and execute remediation actions that will reduce risks and maximize return on your security device investments. 

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