Healthcare Cybersecurity

Managing Industry-Specific Security Challenges

As proven by the ongoing prevalence of data breaches within the healthcare industry, healthcare organizations are continually challenged to protect their valuable health data. Alagen is deeply experienced with the nuances related to cybersecurity within healthcare, going beyond expectations set by compliance requirements to meet the unique security needs of each organization.

Protecting valuable health data requires an advanced level of security. Proper security posture is no longer just a recommendation, but an operational requirement due to the frequency and sophistication of attacks, and the high costs associated with breached data.

Healthcare organizations face many risks from a cyber attack, including:

  • Personal medical records and patient data sold on the dark web
  • Hackers gaining access to medical devices, causing a loss of control from the hospital side
  • Ransomware holding pertinent information or equipment access hostage
  • Immediate and long-term impact from damaged reputation 

How We Help

We partner with hospitals and healthcare organizations, working with each to address security-related needs and improve overall security posture. We mix industry experience with overall cybersecurity acumen to provide solutions that fit. Services commonly include:

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Alagen is committed to staying ahead of the most formidable, industry-specific security challenges. We are truly in the trenches with our healthcare clients.


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