Your Next Cybersecurity Hire Should Be a Firm

Jimbo Raleigh

While cybersecurity may not be feeling the impact of COVID-19 to the extent of other essential business functions, staffing definitely is. The amount of uncertainty in the world makes hiring for long-term positions a risky venture. Will business be slowing down in the coming months? Will our company ever reopen the office, or are we going to be remote for the long haul? Seemingly simple questions have become major considerations when it comes to expanding your security team and achieving an effective security posture. Fortunately, cybersecurity consultants are able to step in and fill this void, potentially even better than an internal hire could.

Why Cybersecurity Consultants?

New Reality: Consequences of a More Remote Workforce

Now more than ever, companies are embracing digital workforce policies. For many, managing people from home is unchartered territory, and the last couple of months have been a scramble to transition business processes to fully remote. New realities are setting in, from less reliance on office space and related expenses (parking, events, etc.), to the need for new technology and equipment. With all of these changes also comes greater network complexity and more online activity, making effective security all the more complex. The challenge of securing this shifting digital landscape is driving organizations to invest more deeply in security, but the supply of resources is simply not there.

You need security specialists (not generalists) to be effective

Cybersecurity is a complex domain requiring a variety of specialized skills. By 2022, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is expected to reach 1.8 million unfilled positions. That means organizations will be competing for security experts that are happily employed elsewhere; not any easy environment in which to recruit new talent. By hiring a cybersecurity consulting firm, you avoid facing this long-term shortage of experienced specialists. You get ready-trained experts with targeted cybersecurity skill sets (security monitoring, threat and vulnerability, advisory, etc.) needed by your organization. All hassles regarding sourcing, training, and retaining talent are gone.

Consulting firms are an efficient solution

Alagen was founded on the idea that cybersecurity should be accessible to everyone. Not every organization has security resources available within to tackle challenges faced by this ‘new normal.’ Hiring a cybersecurity consultant affordably unlocks capabilities:

  • Pay for only what you need. For example, you might benefit from a dedicated security leader. Virtual CISO services enable you to partner with the experienced leader you normally couldn’t afford by only paying for their part-time services.
  • Reduce tool expenditures. Let’s say you need to run a pen test. Instead of purchasing tools internally, an external resource can provide these resources. In fact, the firm will often use several solutions so they can best meet your individual needs and perform advanced forms of assessment.
  • Achieve coverage affordably. Hiring a firm is the fastest and most economic way to expand your cybersecurity capabilities. This is especially apparent with security monitoring. Achieving 24/7 security monitoring requires recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a team of analysts. The same can be achieved at a fraction of the cost with a well-qualified security partner.
  • Get third-party validation. As a bonus, a strong security partner will provide a neutral perspective that may be difficult to attain in-house. This is invaluable as the result will be impartial analysis and a security posture uncompromised by internal biases and political pressures.

In so many ways, hiring a cybersecurity consultant, like Alagen, may make the most sense for your organization’s next security hire. We partner with businesses to smartly meet their security needs, both short and long-term. We’re here to help if you think an independent resource may be the right choice for your organization.

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