Why Needing to Be CMMC Compliant is a Good Thing

Jimbo Raleigh

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a new requirement for companies that want to do business with the US Department of Defense and any company that’s even remotely associated with that government contract. Two features of this shift are especially smart. It requires independent validation of contractor security. It insists that all companies in their supply chain are as vigilant with their partners.

Put another way, if you hope to do business with the US government, or any business that feeds into that work, you need to prioritize cybersecurity.

Proactive Cybersecurity Culture

Despite the severe consequences associated with breaches, too often cybersecurity efforts aren’t appropriately prioritized. This new policy makes clear the importance of being smart and attentive to network security. Also, as a mandate, any internal company resistance due to budgeting challenges, ignorance, or other factors will be overcome. By expanding the requirement beyond their direct contractors, the government is acting as a catalyst for a much-needed widespread adoption of cybersecurity awareness and intentionality.

Independent Validation

When it comes to cybersecurity, getting independent validation makes sense. Sometimes, external experts find gaps or uncover something that should be further addressed. They also confirm where defenses are appropriate. The required assessment provides certification that cybersecurity protections are in place. This documentation can be shared both internally and with other businesses to give confidence in your cybersecurity posture.

Ensuring Partner Cybersecurity

Third-party partner vulnerabilities have contributed to some of the most publicized, major corporate breaches. Best practice has long been to ensure strong cybersecurity practices among vendors and partners. But this is easier said than done. Prior to CMMC, even the government approach involved some level of trust by allowing self-certification. Having independent and trained assessors certifying policy adherence provides an easy way to be confident that you’re addressing third-party cybersecurity risk.

While the new approach is leveled with varying requirements, the benefits of having demonstrable, good cybersecurity practices are real for businesses of any maturity. To learn more about how we can help guide your business to CMMC compliance and the associated benefits, please contact us.

Upcoming Webinar: What Every Business Needs to Know About CMMC

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