Can you remove ransomware?

Trey Turner

Removing Ransomware

This frequently asked question is addressed by Alagen’s senior security consultant Trey Turner. Simply put, he says that ransomware can be removed. While removal of the actual malware can be fairly simple, the important step of identifying the root cause to eliminate persistence of the threat can be significantly more challenging. He also points out that removal of the ransomware does not return your access to any encrypted files or systems. Be aware that there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, any decryption attempts — including paying the ransom — may or may not result in you regaining access to encrypted assets.

– Removing the ransomware from your computer is fairly easy.
– The more difficult part is figuring out the ransomware’s persistence. Figure out how you got infected to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Two possible threat vectors include emails with malicious links and hosts that have been compromised either from open ports or other means.
– Once you removed the piece of malware, then you have to decrypt the data. There are some decryption solutions out there for various variants of ransomware, but they’re not always effective.

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Protect Your Company from Ransomware Attacks

Alagen has helped organizations of all sizes become ransomware resilient. Guided by established best practices, our Ransomware Resilience Planning service focuses exclusively on ransomware prevention, containment and recovery. Efficiently assessing your strengths and weaknesses, our experts forgo extensive (and time consuming) discovery and documentation to quickly deliver what matters most — prescriptive guidance to decrease your likelihood of a ransomware victimization.

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