Penetration Testing

While often required for compliance, our penetration testing has a bigger purpose: determining if your critical data is as secure as intended. We don’t simply check the compliance box. We test your security program, technologies, and processes to ensure your security posture is in line with likely threats and acceptable business risk. The reports we deliver are tailored, actionable, and clear, so decision making is easy and critical vulnerabilities can be fixed. The net effect is full confidence in an expertly-tested security plan that also happens to be compliant.

Red Team

The best hackers have advanced tools and tactics that many security infrastructures are ill-equipped to detect, let alone defend against. Internet and cloud presence only compound the exposure to threats, making red team assessments a vital tool for testing your security posture. Alagen combines the same advanced tools and tactics with war-game scenarios for comprehensive penetration attempts that put your staff and tools to the test. Ultimately, we provide impact analysis to prioritize which threats call for the fastest remediation, enabling you to make the best response.

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